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Traditional Pedicure

From Soak to Polish: Your Path to Pure Pedicure Bliss

Service Description

Step into serenity as your journey begins with a soothing foot soak, melting away tension and stress. Let our skilled technicians trim and shape your nails, while gently tidying your cuticles for a polished finish. Experience the luxurious sensation as the heels and soles of your feet are meticulously rasped, leaving them feeling rejuvenated. Indulge further as we lavish attention on your feet and lower legs, exfoliating away impurities and tension, followed by a blissful massage that soothes and revitalizes. Finish your pampering session with a meticulous nail buff and the application of your chosen traditional polish, leaving your toes looking and feeling absolutely fabulous. Enhancements: Add Gel Polish (extra 15 mins) $15 Remove Gel Polish (extra 15 mins) $15 Note: Enhancements can only be added to a pedicure, not available as a stand-alone treatment & need to be booked in advance.

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