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Brazilian Wax

Option of initial brazilian with Indulge or within 6 weeks.

Service Description

Initial Brazilian at Self Indulgence $75.00 Repeat Brazilian ( within 6 weeks) $65.00 A Brazilian wax is when all the hair is removed from the genital area. It is up to you weather you have a small area of hair left either as a vertical strip or triangle at the front. You also have the option of having all the hair removed from both front and back. This can all be discussed in the privacy of the treatment room with your therapist. How often will I need a Brazilian wax ? Everyone’s re-growth pattern is different but we generally recommend having a Brazilian wax every 4 weeks to stay in the hair growth cycle. 4 week intervals will make the waxing procedure quicker as there will be less growth and therefore it will be less painful. Does a Brazilian wax hurt? Our therapists have excellent technique and use the highest quality wax to keep any pain at a minimum. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and there is a short, sharp sting when hair is removed. However the sting is short lived and by the time you leave the salon you will feel just as fine as when you walked in (just with less hair). If you’re worried about the pain or it is your first Brazilian wax you take a painkiller an hour or so before your appointment to ease your nerves. Do I need to do anything before I come for a Brazilian wax? It is preferred that your hair be approx 1cm in length; this may mean you will need to trim or grow your hair to get to the preferred length. We also recommend wearing looser fitting underwear so there is no irritation on the area after your wax. Is it embarrassing? There is no reason to be embarrassed we are trained professionals and specialize in Brazilian waxing. Whilst you do need to remove your pants or skirt, we provide you with a decency towel and disposable underwear so you are covered up at all times. We also provide baby wipes so you can freshen yourself if you have come from work. Do I have to be a certain age to get a Brazilian wax? At Self Indulgence we require clients to be at least 18 years of age before they can have a Brazilian wax, unless they have their parent/caregivers permission. Permission can be given over the phone or in person when booking the treatment. Clients who are under 18 can still have Standard Bikini and Extended Bikini waxes without permission.

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